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Office 365 Untuk Telkom University

Lisensi Gratis untuk Staf dan Mahasiswa

Telkom University give free services to its civitas academica to use the officially licensed of Microsoft products, which have been purchased by the campus each year. This license includes the Office 365 Business class (license of Microsoft Office and other tools) and because of Telkom University is an institution of education then we also get Microsoft Dreamspark licenses, containing learning support software including license of Operating System (OS) Windows for free .. yes it’s free.. ūüôā Cool right?

The use of Microsoft products licensing for free for staff and students Telkom University, supported by UCrew (Microsoft Student Crew) who are supervised directly by Microsoft and the Directorate of Information Systems (SISFO) as the manager of ICT services in the campus environment.

This is our 2017 AMAZING UCreaw Team

UCrew Mision

Provide knowledge to the academic community about the Microsoft products, especially Office 365 Pro Plus as well as assisting in the use and deploy applications using legally licensed.




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UCrew Team


Microsoft Student Crew untuk Telkom University

Dita Syerliana UCrew Tel-U 2015/2016

Tel-U UCrew Leader 2015/2016

Dita Syerliana U-Crew – Telkom University 2015/2016

Abian Maubigustha UCrew Tel-U 2015/2016

Tel-U UCrew Leader 2015/2016

U-Crew Telkom University 2015/2016

Hilfan Soeltansyah

Staf Tel-U Pendukung UCrew

Telkom University staff

Directorate of Information System

Please submit any question about license to ticket helpdesk iGracias

Albert Sigit Subekti Microsoft Indonesia UCrew Manager 2015/2016

Manajer UCrew Microsoft

Albert Sigit Subekti – Product Marketing Manager – Office365 Education at Microsoft Indonesia


Office 365 Integration Specialist at Microsoft Indonesia

Pengguna Lisensi Microsoft di Tel-U

Office 365 dan Azure for Education

Office 365 Featured Metter
Lab Komputer Featured Metter
Azure for Education Featured Metter
Windows 10 Featured Metter
Info of Office 365 for Tel-U

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Pengelolaan Layanan

Layanan Office 365 di Telkom University


UCrew (Microsoft Student Crew) has a responsibility to help introduce the Microsoft products that have official license owned by Telkom University. And help Microsoft in terms of the organization of marketing of Microsoft products among employees of the staff, faculty, and students.

UCrew obliged to assist with the use of Microsoft products among the civitas academica, mainly for product Office 365. Be it by helping to install, make a manual book, to install the software with the official license owned by Telkom University.

Information System Helpdesk

For the owner of iGracias access, requests for assistance related to “Office 365”, can be delivered through ticketing in iGracias.

Directorate of Information System

Telkom University Information Systems Directorate, responsible for ensuring the Office 365 service can always be accessed and acquired by all employees, faculty, and active students.

Microsoft Indonesia

Microsoft Indonesia serving Telkom University and UCrew.

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