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April 26, 2020

Major update: Announcement started
Applied To: All
We will be updating the current Azure AD Apps and Profile experiences on July 20th 2020. This means that on July 20th all users will be automatically switched over to the updated My Apps and My Account experiences. We recommend you migrate your users to the new experiences prior to the July date to allow them to try the new interface as soon as possible. Please note that the updated My Apps and My Account offer the same functionality as the current experiences, but with an improved user interface on top of new capabilities to enable your users to be productive.

[How does this affect me?]

If your organization’s users are using the current Apps experience for app launching or Profile for account management, you should notify them of the upcoming change. Additionally, we recommend you turn on the new My Apps experience in the Azure portal as soon as possible to give users the opportunity to try out the updated user interface. Turning on the new My Apps experience will allow your users to access the new My Account experience from My Apps.

On July 20th 2020, users will no longer be able to access the current Apps or Profile experiences and will be automatically redirected to the updated My Apps and My Account experiences.

Previous Apps experience:

New Apps experience:

Previous Profile experience:

New Profile experience:

[What do I need to do to prepare for this change?]

We recommend you migrate your users to the updated experiences prior to the July date. Please note that you can do so via staged rollout by allowing a certain group of users to access the updated experiences prior to migrating all users. If you’d like to provide additional guidance to your users about this update, we hope you find the following resources helpful.

For turning on the new My Apps experience:

For communicating the update to your users:

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