U-Crew Open Recruitment

U-Crew Open Recruitment 2019-2020

October 21, 2019

U-Crew is a group of students who have a role as an ambassador who represents Microsoft on their campus. We open up opportunities for 3rd-year and 2nd-year students on campuses that have partnerships with Microsoft Education.

This program is not only specifically for students with an IT background, but also for students who have high interest, commitment to the role of technology in education. And even more, having the desire to hold Microsoft events and workshops as a means of sharing knowledge with college friends.


U-Crew will have the opportunity to visit the Microsoft Indonesia office, get a certicate that will build their portfolio to be more awesome, and much more!

All students have the same opportunity, so what are you waiting for?

Registration at http://bit.ly/ucrew-recruitment

U-Crew Open Recruitment 2019-2020

You can register here in this link


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